Three Key Elements to a Successful Sales Strategy

Jean Ginzburg


A company cannot be successful with a single effort from just one person. It may have a chance to succeed if it combines the efforts from the entire team with an effective sales strategy.

How do you implement an effective sales process? Read on!

Create your sales playbook

Your sales playbook is like a battle plan for you and your team. It’s the how-to guide and the what’s-next guide. Without it, neither you or your team would know what to do to implement your vision. Your company will be lacking cohesion in action.

Whatever your sales strategy is, you need people to implement it. Unless you have great people ready to implement the playbook, the playbook doesn’t work. Even if they know what to do, your team may be missing the motivation to do it.

Put a motivated team together

Motivation affects your team’s productivity to a great degree. But having non-motivated employees is a common complaint among entrepreneurs.

How do you put together a highly motivated team?

First of all, start with yourself. Motivation is both internal (your own grit) and external (something you take from outside yourself). Identify your internal motivation. You need to feel you have a purpose. When you’re an entrepreneur, you keep that purpose in sight.

When you are clear what motivates you, you can communicate that vision to your team so they can buy into it too.

Having a motivated team starts with a well-thought-out hiring process. The recruiting process needs to reflect the standards of your sales playbook. Make sure your recruitment process aligns with your strategy, that includes your interview process, your vetting procedure or your onboarding to ensure you have the right team in place.

Add the human element

Let’s say, you have your sales playbook and a motivated team in place. That’s great, but that’s not enough for you to stand apart from competition.

Your sales process should be more than the playbook. It must include the human element.



Jean Ginzburg

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