Seven Reasons You Should Use TikTok and LinkedIn to Increase Engagement

Jean Ginzburg
4 min readFeb 10, 2022


Unless you live in a cave, you know TikTok is getting more and more mainstream. It’s no longer about dance covers or physical challenges. Doctors, teachers, and actual marketers use it for professional purposes.

When it comes to businesses, TikTok is still underrated.

But ask any entrepreneur around you, and they’re probably still focused on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even Pinterest. The truth is, TikTok and LinkedIn are the best platforms for engagement.

Are you using these two platforms now? If not, you should.

Here are seven reasons why you should use TikTok and LinkedIn to build your business.

TikTok helps you build your brand

TikTok is the number one app right now. Most people are using TikTok, so it’s a perfect spot for you to promote your business. Video content has been big for several years now, and TikTok cashed in on that.

Building your brand means getting attention and exposure. Through video content, you can show off your personality. Video allows you to offer your product or service with both subtlety and efficiency.


TikTok is both effective and entertaining. You’re simply where your audience is already hanging out, giving them the style of content they want.

TikTok gets your audience’s attention

TikTok is for entertainment. People love watching different bite-sized videos. Creating interesting videos for your brand or curating challenges and trends can excite your audience and make you memorable to them.

For example, if you own a pet supply business, you can start a pet transformation challenge in which pet lovers would compete dressing up their furry friends. Make it more interesting by offering prizes. You can also create hashtags to promote your brand to your audience.

Once you get your audience’s attention, you can drag them to your other social media platforms.

Video content is more important than ever



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