“Focusing on one channel of marketing” with Brittany Finkle

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brittany Finkle is the founder of Happily Ever Borrowed, the premiere, luxury, e-boutique that rents bridal accessories to brides for their wedding day. Having always worked in the luxury fashion industry, she wanted to find a way to help women access quality items for less on their wedding day.

Jean: Thank you so much for joining us! We did a feature on your company a year ago, can you share what’s new with your brand?

Happily Ever Borrowed continues to grow! Our goal is to get more women borrowing than buying the bridal accessories in the future. We’ve recently added our own line of designer veils and accessories to the site (The Ever Collection) and we create custom items for brides that can be rented to future brides as well.

Jean: What have you learned over the past year as an entrepreneur?

I’ve recently gone full-time so I have learned a LOT. I think finding and focusing on one channel of marketing is super important. In the past, I think I’ve spread myself thin trying to figure out what channels work best. Focusing on one at a time and really growing and cultivating that should help drive more business.

Jean: Are you working on any exciting projects now?

We are focusing a lot on partnerships this year. We will be launching our collection on Rent the Runway at the end of October to help bring more awareness to the category. We also launched a partnership program with hairstylists around the country to help brides realize they can borrow their bridal accessories and try them before their big day!

Jean: Where do you see your brand in the next year?

In the next year I think you’ll continue to hear more about Happily Ever Borrowed. We’re really pushing to be THE destination for bridal accessories, and hope that more brides are able to find us before they buy their accessories.

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Jean: This was really inspiring! Thank you so much for your time.

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